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To hire the rotavator. Please email Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ВЈ20 per half day.

Please fully read the instructions before use.

Please only use if you are confident that you can manage and are fully conversant with the operation.

Please clean the machine before returning.


Rotavator Hire please email
We will then agree a date when the rotavator will be available.
ВЈ20 per half day.

Facebook. We are now on Facebook, please use to comment and chat and for latest events

Post Driver for hire. Contact Roger. ВЈ2 a day.


  • Please close and lock our allotment gate at all times. That includes when you are in the allotment! This means the gate should be closed at all times, thanks.
  • The outer gate should be left open.
  • Please only park your car next to the right hand fence and never in the lane.
  • Cars may be taken closer, but only when unloading heavy items. Please contact by email and give 24 hrs notice to allow access or see members list and if there is a committee member on site they will open.